I've been using an LXC container to run my SOLR installation for this web site for maybe a year now. It keeps everything isolated and running smoothly. However, there's been one problem that keeps occurring every time I reboot the LXC host, and that is that the LXC container get's a new IP assigned to it each time it is booted. 

This is a problem because this website relies on a hard coded configuration of the IP address of the Solr server. And any time the host is rebooted, and thus the LXC container, the Solr host has a new IP address that has to be entered into the Solr configuration for this TYPO3 web site.

But I found a wonderful list of solutions provided on how to make sure your LXC containers get the same IP address every time. It's over at Serverfault.com under the title Setting up bridged LXC containers with static IPs.

Hope that helps.