One piece of advice that I gravely regret from my years spent reading forums on internet marketing is the idea that you should not market on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sites, because you're just building content for them. The idea behind that advice that was going around on the Warrior Forum and other internet marketing forums at around the time that I stopped reading them was that you shouldn't make content for other people's sites and you should only make content on web properties that you own. 

I followed that advice for a long time, but now here I am in the year 2020, getting back to internet marketing, and I'm realizing how much I regret taking the advice of not expending effort to create content on the many social media platforms out there. How wrong I was. I think there is some principle behind the advice of not publishing on other people's platforms, a principle based upon the idea that you shouldn't give other people your content. But I tell you that's the wrong way to look at it.

Look there are all of these large companies that receive millions and billions of internet visitors per year, and we're talking about companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,, blogger, and many more famous websites. That's where all the visitors (people) are going. There's also Google too and you can focus on SEO, but many people already visit these websites.

To turn down the opportunity to publish on these highly trafficked websites - and remember, you can publish on these websites for free to turn down the opportunity to publish on these websites for free - would be like turning down the opportunity to set up a card table inside of a Walmart (for free) where you could sell whatever you want for free.

Imagine that a Walmart would would allow you to bring a card table and sell whatever you want - anything from lemonade to homemade trinkets or woodworking products that you've made, or sell your used belongings. Imagine that you had that opportunity. Would you turn it down because it's not your property? That would be completely insane!

I'll agree that it's a little bit different when publishing info, or content, on other websites, than setting up shop in a Walmart. Your information could be deleted at any time. That usually doesn't happen though. Another reason people give for not publishing on anything but their own web siite is that the other website has rights to use your content in different ways.

So what? You're getting the opportunity to put your content in front of millions of eyes for free.

I'm getting back into internet marketing like I used to do from 2005 to 2010, and I'm just going to end this by saying I learned a lot of bad advice over the years, probably a lot of bad advice that I wasn't aware of it being bad advice at the time, but one thing I'll do now is publish more on different websites. There are so many websites that will let you publish content on them for free and enjoy the benefit of having their user base view your content.

The idea that you shouldn't publish your content on other web sites is is one thing that I really took to heart over the years as good advice. Just keep in mind to think about the advice you get during your internet marketing journey, even when people on forums, and when those believed to be experts, talk about what is good advice.

Approach all advice with some skepticism and think about why it might not be good advice, you know, really look at it critically. 

I'm going to set up a Pinterest account, and maybe some other social networking accounts, so I can publish content on them. And if Walmart, allows me to set up a card table to sell refreshments inside the store, I'll do that too!