I bought a Glarry bass today. Maybe you haven't heard of Glarry instruments, but they're a musical instrument company that has been getting a lot of positive reviews for their guitars and basses. 

This will be my first bass. It's a Jazz bass model. I've played guitars for years but never a bass. But I'm intrigued by the many good reviews I've seen for Glarry instruments. 

I already own a very inexpensive Monoprice guitar, and it's good quality. The setup was perfect. The intonation is great and the appearance is nice. There was a time when I'd stay away from cheap instruments, but I've seen recently that cheap Chinese instruments are being manufactured with good quality control. Things are a lot better than they used to be with some of the companies importing Chinese products.

So the bass I ordered is the "Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar" in burlywood finish. The burlywood finish is just a natural wood finish. It's beautiful. 

I wanted the combo which included the GJazz bass and a 20 watt amp, but the combo package was all sold out in the burlywood finish. But I found that the bass by itself (in burlywood finish) was in stock. And then, underneath the product listing for the bass in burlywood there was something on the page that said you could bundle the bass with the 20 watt amp and get a 5% discount. So that's basically the same thing as the package I wanted (which was out of stock). Also there was a Glarry coupon code for 5% off which I added at checkout. So in all I paid $108.28 for a Bass and a 20 watt amp.

So I'm pretty excited about getting a bass. I've own guitars only for about 30 years and I've only touched a bass twice. Bass playing was fun though, from what I recall. When I was a teenager I wanted to pick up a guitar (maybe because I wanted to become a guitar god), but now I find myself interested in lower tones. Maybe that's because of my son who took up playing baritone in the school band.

I'll post some good video reviews below for the Glarry Jazz bass.

Can a 75.00 Jazz Bass be any good? | Glarry Sunburst Jazz Bass

$75 bass... yes or no... glarry bass demo and review

"What if I told you you can get a good bass for the price of a pair of shoes... well you can. And I'll prove it. 75 dollars for a solid bass."

Glarry Gjazz Bass Review and Sound Samples

After watching those videos above and others, I was sold on the Glarry jazz bass. Of course, there will be differences in quality from a $1000 bass. Many reviews said that the bottom of the frets could use some filing down. That's the same as with my cheap Monoprice electric guitar. I don't see that as a big problem.

I didn't hear any major complaints from people about the set up. I get the impression that the bass plays well and comfortably. 

I'll see pretty soon when my Glarry bass arrives if it's a good deal or not. Maybe I'll do an unboxing video.