I decided to purchase a Neville Goddard book tonight. I've been wanting to get into Neville Goddard's way of thinking for a little while now.

I've heard some YouTubers talk about him. And he seems to be an interesting character, and seems to have an interesting perspective toward manifesting and creating reality. I would say he's not one of the most popular writers in the new thought or law of attraction genres. But from the little pieces here and there that I've read from him. I'm very impressed.

Lots of the writers of New Thought publications kind of all have the same perspective. And there's not much originality from them. But from what I was reading on the Neville Goddard subreddit, and other websites, I found that Neville Goddard has something to offer that I haven't found yet from other writers. His techniqe of visualizing while in a near sleep state is something I've heard of but haven't heard other writers talk much about.

I looked at several books to purchase. I was looking for a compilation of many of his books all together. And there are several compilations with around 10 books of his that you can find on Amazon.

I ended up choosing the one titled Neville Goddard 10 Books: Includes 1948 Class Lessons. This is a paperback that includes the following 10 books by Neville Goddard:

  1. At Your Command
  2. Your Faith Is Your Fortune
  3. Freedom For All
  4. Prayer, The Art of Believing
  5. Out Of This World
  6. Feeling is the Secret
  7. The Power of Awareness
  8. Awakened Imagination & The Search
  9. Seedtime & Harvest
  10. The Law and The Promise
  11. 1948 Class Lessons

Okay, well that's 10 books plus the 1948 Class Lessons. Seems like a good value.

This book has 13 customer reviews with an average five star review. And this book when I purchased it, tonight was only $15.99 with free delivery through Amazon Prime.

Now, one other book I really wanted to get but decided not to is the one titled Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader. The reason I chose not to get this book was because of one reviewer who pointed out that the formatting of the book is really bad. And that might not seem like a big concern. But if you look at the pictures the reviewer posted in his review, you'd see how the pictures in review show that the margins of the book are formatted pretty bad. The page margins are too small, and that makes the text flow into the center margin toward the center of the book where the pages are glued together, the words go way too far into that crease, and you'd have to hold the book in a way that pulls the book open wide in order to read what's close to the center of the book. And I don't want to mess with that.

And the other book I was considering was Neville Goddard: The Essential Collection. I chose not to get that because somebody mentioned that there's a lot of typo errors. And well, I don't want to mess with that. I can understand some typos. But I don't want a lot of typos. Not if those typos are going to change the meaning of the text as one reviewer pointed out that it does.

So I'm looking forward to getting into some Neville Goddard when my book arrives on Thursday. It should keep me pretty busy for a while. It is 456 pages.

All of these books found in these Neville Goddard complations can be found easily for free online, but I prefer a nice paper book, especially if I'm going to be reading over 500 pages. It just feels better to get away from a computer or device screen and read a nice paper book.