The problem

Well, I've got a new problem with my Fitbit Charge 2. This device has been mainly problem free for me for the couple years that I've owned it. But recently, I've been having this problem where the device will just become non responsive

  •  I'll lift it up and the screen doesn't come on 
  • I press the button and the screen doesn't come on either
  • It just seems totally dead.
  • After it goes dead and I put it on the charger, I can sync it with the Fitbit app on my phone and the Fitbit app says that my Charge 2 has a full battery.

This problem occurs even though the battery should be fully charged. I can leave it on the charger overnight, and then within an hour of taking it off the charger the screen will be blank, and it won't respond.

But here's the interesting part. When I put it back on the charger, a number appears on the screen. The number is 22.55.02. I did a Google search for it and some results came up and I didn't find much that looked promising. But sure enough other people are having this problem. And I might have to read a little bit more but one of the solutions I saw mentioned was resetting the device.

So I'm going to try resetting my Charge 2 and I'll see if that fixes this weird 22.55.02 problem.


Well I tried all the remedies proposed on the forums. Not only the Fitbit official forums but other forums and websites. I think this Fitbit tracker is completely dead. I followed the instructions on the Fitbit website on how to reset my Charge 2. I did that and it didn't help at all. I gave it long charges lasting  several hours and the problem still persists. I still get that issue where the screen is dead and the Fitbit is non responsive. And when I put it on the charger, it shows that stupid number code, 22.55.02 which looks similar to the firmware version.

But in addition to that a new problem is popped up.

Now when I plug it in, I get a battery symbol with an exclamation mark on it. I don't know, the whole thing's just a mess. I've given up on this Fitbit.

But you know what? The Mi Band 4 just came out. And it looks awesome. I've had a Mi Band before I had my Charge 2. I had the Mi Band 1S and it was a pretty cool device.

The Mi Band has come a long way since then. And now the Mi Band 4 has a full color display. It looks beautiful.

I really think the Mi Band 4 is a better fitness tracker than the Fitbit Charge is and the nice thing about the Mi Band 4 is it doesn't cost a lot. They're going for around $30 to $40 so I think I'll pick up a Mi Band 4.