One thing I've been wondering today is, does WiFi have more latency than a wired connection?

And I'm referred to a discussion on where one person asks, How does WiFi latency compare to Wired Ethernet? 

There are some good explanations on that discussion page. And yes, wired Ethernet has lower ping times according to the discussion there.

But I'm not sure if those little lower ping times are only for the same network. It is mentioned though, that wireless internet can suffer from greater variation in ping time due to interference from other devices, such as microwaves, that compete for space on the electromagnetic spectrum.

It's also worth noting that people say that WiFi is more prone to errors and packet loss. So there's errors, interference, and latency to be concerned about if you are connecting to WiFi, rather than with wired Ethernet.

I've been looking into this because my son is into online gaming. And it's very important when playing online games, that you don't have a lot of latency. Every millisecond counts in online battle games.

So I'm pretty convinced right now that having a wired Ethernet connection would be much better for gaming or for any application where latency is a concern.

I'll probably be reading up more on fishing some network cable through the wall so that I can connect my son's computer upstairs to the router downstairs. But yeah, I'm pretty sold on the idea of Ethernet instead of WiFi.