I was over at Lowe's tonight and I was considering getting one of their hardy kiwi plants. I live in zone five in Indiana, and I love kiwi, but they can't be grown here. But there is a version of kiwi called Hardy Kiwi that can withstand the cold weather that we have here.

I understand that these kiwi are smaller than the regular kiwi you find in grocery stores. But what about the taste? If these tastes good. I would be fine with growing them. 

Garden.org says that hardy kiwi taste sweeter than regular fuzzy kiwi and also that hardy kiwi don't require peeling, so you can eat the same. Just like fuzzy kiwi, hardy kiwi have little black seeds.

Others have different opinions. And there are different varieties of hardy kiwi which are said by some to have different flavors. 

A commentator on Houzz says that the Annasnaya variant of hardy kiwi has a "mint" overtone

There's also a nice long thread with many opinions on the taste of hardy kiwi over at Growingfruit.org.

Update: I went back to Lowe's and I found out that written on the back of the hardy kiwi package of the plants they sell is the species name.

These hardy kiwi plants are the Actinidia arguta variety. According to Netherland Bulb Company, these plants are suitable for USDA zones 4-7 and they can grow between 10 and 20 feet per season!