A prescription toenail fungus remedy that was once too expensive for many people who need it is now available to many more at less cost, thanks to generic producers of the drug.

The antifungal medication called Terbinafine, once sold only under the brand name Lamisil, is now available for a small fraction of what sufferers would normally pay.

The lower cost of the generic equivalent of Lamisil allows many to treat their nail fungus, who otherwise couldn't do so, due to the higher cost of name brand drugs.

As a remedy for nail fungus, Terbinafine is often prescribed in oral form which is taken once a day for 90 days.

With the generic form of this anti-fungal medication being available so inexpensively, pharmacies such as those found at Walmart or Kroger stores can now sell the full 90 day supply of the drug for a cost of only $10 to the patient.

Many have reported success in treating nail fungus with Lamisil and its generic equivalent. Thanks to the low price of generic drugs, many more toenail fungus suffers can now cure their toenail fungus too.