Man, earlier today I was experimenting with Windows based his voice recognition software.  This is software that's built into Windows Vista that is supposed to automatically dictate your voice as you talk.

The only problem is that Windows Vista did a really bad job at understanding what I was saying, despite the fact that I did the required voice training.  It didn't seem to catch on to my voice no matter how long I trained the software.

I knew there had to be something better, so I downloaded a trial version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9. It took a long time to download the trial and then it took even longer to extract the download. But now that I have it installed, I only gave Dragon NaturallySpeaking  one training session and it understands just about everything I speak into my microphone.

At first I thought that the Windows Vista voice recognition software would be cool because for one, it?s free (well it comes with Vista at no additional cost), and two, it was already on my computer.  But it just doesn't work very well.

Now the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software costs maybe a hundred or $150, but compared to Vista?s built in voice dictation software, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking will save a person a lot of time in training the computer to understand their voice.

Once this 15 day trial of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is up, I think I might just purchase the full version.  The money spent would be well worth it.

Oh, and by the way, I typed up this article without even touching my computer's keyboard.  That's right; I created this article with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.