Blueman: easily control Bluetooth devices and connections under Linux

My laptop is equipped with Bluetooth and oftentimes I'd like to turn it off to conserve battery life. What follows is how I set up my computer so that I can easily control my Bluetooth device and turn it off when needed.

Blueman is just the program I needed. It's a very full featured Bluetooth control system for Linux, complete with a panel applet for convenience.

Installing Blueman from the software manager

Blueman is installed easily from the Linux Mint software manager. Just search for Blueman and you'll see that it's the first result.

After you install blueman, you can find it in your menu under the "Preferences" section 

You can select your Bluetooth adapter under the "Adapter" menu.

Then you can find nearby Bluetooth devices by clicking the "Search" button. 

The thing I like the most about Blueman is the panel applet that gets installed the first time you run Blueman. Just look for the Bluetooth icon on your panel. 

Clicking on the applet will allow you to control many Bluetooth functions. The applet is convenient if you want to quickly turn your Bluetooth adapter on or off. It allows you to control many other functions too.

Blueman should accomplish everything you'd need to do with Bluetooth on your computer.