Where you will not find a YouTube downloader app

I needed an Android app that could make a GIF from a YouTube video. 

It would have to allow me to enter in a YouTube video URL and then allow me to select a part of the YouTube video to make a GIF from.

Well I didn't have much luck finding such an app from Google's Play store, and that's probably because Google doesn't want people using apps that extract content from YouTube videos.

So the next logical step was to visit the Amazon App Store to find an app that could do this. I wouldn't care if this was going to require two separate apps - one to download a YouTube video, and another to create a GIF.

Nothing on Amazon, that I could find, could do what I want.

The Videoder Android app

What I ended up doing was downloading the Videoder Android app. On your device you have to make sure you enable installing from "Unknown Sources" to be able to install the Videoder app from the aforementioned web site.

Here's a good GIF creator you can use once you have a video to make one from

Once the video was downloaded, I used an app called "Gif Edit Maker video" from the Play store to create a gif from my downloaded YouTube video. The name of the app is pretty lame, but the quality of the app is excellent. It was easy to make a GIF with this app.

Two apps I recommend to download YouTube videos and turn them into GIFs

I can tell these two apps are going to be fun to use.



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