How to take a screenshot with the HTC EVO 3D

It's really easy to take screenshots with the EVO 3D and similar HTC phones. No app needs to be installed and no program needs to be opened to take a picture of any...

How to use typoscript to capitalize every letter of a word or string of text

Or how to convert text to uppercase with typoscript

Typoscript Code Examples Help TYPO3 Developers

There's a new place to get example typoscript code for menus, content, and more. This site looks like it is quickly becoming the web's most comprehensive...

Using typoscript to show content only on the frontpage

Sometimes, you only want some content to show only on the front page of your TYPO3 powered web site. Typoscript allows you to do this rather easily.

Typoscript "slide" functionality lets sub pages inherit parent's field values

It took me a while to realize that this was even possible, but like everything else - it's always possible with TYPO3.

UV Light Treatment For Eczema

UV light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is a treatment for eczema that involves light which interacts with the body's immune system.

I love the TYPO3 rgnews extension

I've been really enjoying the rgnews extension for TYPO3. It extends tt_news and somewhat dissolves the line between tt_news and tt_content.

MySQL drop all tables command

Sometimes you need to drop all tables in a MySQL database but the popular way to do it - by simply deleting the database and recreating it - is not feasible.

How to Rank in Google For Any Keyword You Choose

Some brilliant, key ideas that will help you rank better, faster, and more consistently in the search engines whether you're marketing with videos, audios, or just...