How to take a screenshot with the HTC EVO 3D

    It's really easy to take screenshots with the EVO 3D and similar HTC phones. No app needs to be installed and no program needs to be opened to take a picture of any screen on your phone. Read more

    Amazon Product API Examples in PHP

    I really want to get into using Amazon's product API in conjunction with their affiliate program and I was lucky to find a good PHP example of how to look up products in Amazon's massive catalog. Read more

    Use your Android phone or tablet as a wireless mouse and keyboard

    It's easy to use your Android phone as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer. Read more

    Free software lets you create your own personal cloud service

    There's a tutorual at Prinew which shows you step by step how to create your own cloud with a software called ownCloud allowing you to control all of your data as opposed to having some company... Read more

    Convert a Microsoft Access database to MySQL with "Access To MySQL"

    About a year ago I needed a way to convert a Microsoft Access database to MySQL. I didn't find that way, but today I stumbled upon a simple desktop program that will let you point and click your way... Read more


    Netdip.com is an excellent web site that's powered by TYPO3 and other great open source software. Netdip.com is also a fat free alternative to ice cream.