It's an alternative shell for Windows operating systems which is elegant & easy to use. SharpEnviro installs on your windows Computer to give you an alternative Desktop Environment that looks like something you'd find in a Linux Distribuion.

It installs easy & gives you the choice to switchback & forth from SharpEnviro to the stock Windows Explorer shell.

But I find myself using SharpEnviro more & more to do my daily computing.

What I like most about SharpEnviro is first it's appearance. It's different. It's kind of like a default Gnome desktop environment setup in that there are panels at both the top & the bottom of the screen. It just seems like on excellent interface for Getting things done. Did I mention that it's beautiful too?

Also cool is that SharpEnviro has built into it a virtual desktop system. I'll never understand why Windows doesn't ship with Virtual desktops by default. Oh well, SharpEnviro has them.

It's customizable too, though I haven't delved into that much. The default Settings work great.


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