Today I tried something different with the way I wake up and meitate. I woke up while meditating. Or should I say I meditated whie waking up?

In the past, I would start my day by getting out of bed, walking a few steps to the bathroom, then checking my phone notifications, before finally meditating.

Some times I'd have my morning coffee and read Reddit before meditating. 

This morning though, I was lying in bed on a Saturday morning with no alarm, just resting there in the hazy half awake half dream state while going in and out of sleep (I had dreams about snow and ice covered streets in Florida). I enjoyed this feeling and realized how different it felt and seemed compared to the shockingly different feeling that occurred the moment I opened up my eyes each morning.

What if I went straight from the bed to the meditation chair next to my bed without the sensory shock of opening my eyes and fully waking? 

That's what I did.

The in and out of sleep sensation can be blissful and I aimed to keep that while meditating. So I went from lying down in my bed and moved to the bathroom to relieve myself but without fully opening my eyes, just barely opening them enough to get the tinyest amount of light in to guide me safely there without hitting my wall. 

I then proceeded directly to my chair to sit down and meditate for 15 minutes. I opened one eye again to the faintest squint to turn on the stopwatch function on my FitBit and I began meditating with eyes closed. It was good. The quality of my thoughts while meditating was different, not influenced by the sight of the things in my bedroom as usual. My mind was nearly as fresh as it could be, in the sate it was from coming out of the dreams I had in bed. I'll need to do this more to think about the implications, if any.

I'll continue this a few more times to see ifit's something I want to continue. Maybe I'll learn something from this.