Let's face it, psychology isn't really scientific despite it's best efforts to appear scientific. But psychology is still cool and important. 

Psychology uses statistics and observation, reports and charts. It looks like science, right? So it deserves some of the prestige that science has, right... right?

The main problem with psychology - which I think is intended to be the science of the mind - is that the mind is not available for objective, empirical observation. Objective and empirical observation are kind of a big deal in science. They are like the foundations of science. Psychology doesn't have that. Instead, psychology asks a lot of questions of people and makes inferences regarding the mind from the answers. These inferences are not scientific.

But people will say that psychology is useful, important, and even that clinical psychology in it's application helps a lot of people. I get it, psychology is considered important. 

But it's not science.

Fields like psychology and sociology deserve their own category among the different fields like art, science, and technology.

I propose (and I didn't come up with this first) that psychology and sociology be considered Social Studies. Because that's what they are. 

That makes sense. doesn't it? Psychologists and Sociologists study social issues and phenomena, yet those aren't quite sciences. They deserve their own grouping. Let's call them Social Studies.