One of the core truths I've learned from studying the Law of Attraction is that what you're thinking is what you're praying for. What I mean literally is that every thought you think is a prayer. Every thought impresses the subconscious, if that's what you call it. Every thought affects you. Every thought is heard by the "God within You", as Reverend Ike would call it. 

I'm just saying, it's very important to watch what you think because every thought will affect you. You may as well be aware that what you're thinking could just as well be considered as what you're praying. There's no on and off switch that makes your prayers effective or not because the universe/subconscious/God or whatever you want to say, is always listening. 

Try this. Spend a day just paying attention to everything that you're thinking, feeling, and paying attention to, and pay attention to those things with the understanding that wherever your attention is directed onto, that's what you're praying for - whether you like it or not.

Those who think of sorrow, anger, jealously, etc. end up attracting and receiving everything that resonates with those feelings and thoughts. That's a negative way to look at it, but just as well, thinking about all the good stuff only attracts the many things that resonate with the good stuff.

Just realize that your thoughts and feelings are your prayers, that you're basically praying all of the time, and you'd better be aware of what you're praying for. If you take a day to observe your thoughts, feelings, and where your attention is at, you'll not be surprised at all with what you're bringing into your life.