I was watching some Teal Swan videos because I like to watch her every now and then, and not because I agree with everything she says or anything, but because I think that having a cult following seems interesting. And then YouTube autoplay gave me a video where Eckhart Tolle was on a stage and talking about the "Now" as he usually does.

The now is something I don't quite vibe with though. Especially since I'm of the opinion that time might be an illusion. Time is an illusion? Well, I just read Biocentrism. Read it.

But Tolle and others are always talking about being in the present and in the "now", but then there are other people, even somewhat prominent scientists, like Carlo Roveilli, author of The Order of Time, who are making a case for the idea that time doesn't really exist in the way we think it does.

And if time doesn't exist, then ideas like past, present, future, and now wouldn't really exist.

Maybe everything is eternal and there is now time, and everything is happening now. But wait, things can't happen "now" if there is no time because "now" doesn't exist without time. 

I'm going with the idea that time is an illusion, a construct that the mind uses to make sense of things, kind of like Robert Lanza and Bob Berman explain in Biocentrism

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