"The law of feeling supercedes every other law", says Reverend Ike. "It is the feeling which gets the blessing". 

Not much is said about feeling in Law of Attraction material. Everyone is talking about thought. But thought is without power when it has no feeling.

Reverend Ike was ahead of his time, and nobody was teaching the law of attraction on such a scale as Reverend Ike was back in the day. He knew on a level of experience how to make the laws of the universe work for him. Listen to Rev. Ike and you'll see that he's no ordinary Law of Attraction teacher, and no ordinary teacher. I am very fortunate to have found him.

Reverend Ike says that he believes that feeling is the deepest form of thought. We have our words and our ideas, but the most fundamental form of thought, the form most meaningful and influential to the subconscious, is feeling. 

Well, I can't explain it as well as Reverend Ike can. Do watch the excellent video embedded below if you want to know a law that is more important than the law of attraction.


We're all taught to visualize to attain and manifest our dreams. That is because the feeling usually follows the visualization. The feeling is the key.