Do you have a user on your Ubuntu Linux system that you'd like to make a sudo user? Well you can do that. There's nothing stopping you.

I can't think of any reason why any regular Ubuntu user shouldn't be made into a sudo user - well actually I can think of a thousand reasons why that shouldn't happen - but here's how you turn a user like john747 into a sudo user. This means john747 will be able to type sudo in front of commands to run those commands with root (superuser) privileges.

Just do this for john747.

In a terminal and with a user who already has root privileges, run the following command:

usermod -aG sudo john747

See that usermod command? Just run that line above, but replace john747 with the username that you want to make into a superuser, and you will give them the privilege of having sudo. That adds the user you specify to the "sudo" group. And being in the "sudo" group allows a user to use the sudo command. And that's cool!

So go ahead and give a user sudo (if it's for a good reason).