Tyler Pratt has tried everything, affiliate marketing and other ways to make money. One thing he learned is that he was randomly getting checks from links he had long forgotten about that he put around on the web. 

For this way to get money. Go to google and type in "KDP Amazon". This is a site that gives you the ability to upload ebooks. Tyler will show you step by step how to do it.

Now related to this is the fact that Amazon has 100 million people on Amazon.

What Tyler did here is that he uploaded some books on Kindle on Amazon and forgot about it. He started getting checks from Amazon and looked back and found it was from these ebooks he was publishing.

The nice thing is that Amazon will promote these books for you to some extent, but you still need to promote your books on your own. That will help a great bit.

So Tyler will show you in this video the steps on how to get a quick book up on Kindle. He doesn't really do all the writing. He gets a ghostwriter from upwork.com. These are quick ebooks.

He also goes to Fiver to find ghostwriters and it's usually cheaper there. 

Tyler showed that there's guys on fiver who will sell small books for around $120. 

So that's what he's showing you in this video. You get the book made by a freelancer and then get it uploaded to Amazon.

These books that are uploaded to Amazon can also be sold as print books so that's really cool.

With a little leg work in the beginning, you can have a book made, upload it to Amazon, and then do some promoting, and you can get checks from Amazon.

Don't forget to make a nice eBook cover. That's something else you can have made on Fiver. Make a nice looking eBook cover, or have someone do it for you on Fiver and then you can have a nice book for sale that you upload to Amazon. 

Tyler takes you through the process of uploading and editing your book information on Amazon. It all looks incredibly easy. 

It's amazing how easy Amazon makes it to sell a book. Sites like Fiver make it easy to have those books created.

Tyler says he usually sets the price on his books at $14.97 and Amazon pays 70% royalties of each book sold.

This is a great way to earn passive income that you could get started for a little over $100.