So you've set up your Minecraft server with all the features you want. But there's still more that you can do to customize the appearance of your server to your friends or the public.

Set up your own server-icon.png file

To have a cool image that appears next to your server's name in the Minecraft launcher, you'll need to set up a server-icon.png file.

To do this is really simple:

  1. Using an image editor, create your server icon. I used GIMP, but there are many image editors that will work.
  2. Save your server icon as a 64 pixel by 64 pixel PNG file. The filename must be server-icon.png
  3. Upload your server-icon.png file to your Minecraft folder/directory. This is the folder that probably has the files and folders named world, ops.json, plugins, server.jar, or minecraft_server.jar, logs, and more.
  4. Restart your Minecraft server and the server-icon.png should be able to be seen when you view your server from the Minecraft launcher.


If you have problems or if the server-icon.png file doesn't work

If it doesn't work, there are several things you should try.

When I first uploaded my server-icon.png file and did all of the above steps, it didn't work. It didn't work after trying all of the following things:

  • restarted the Minecraft server
  • restarted the Minecraft launcher
  • deleted the server entry from the launcher and added it again.

Some people on a forum (I can't remember which one) said that files created in the GIMP weren't working for them. It might be a good idea to use a different editor. I also read that server-icon.png files that exceed a certain size don't work as server icons.

To solve my problem I didn't use a different editor, but I optimized my server icon by uploading it to and then I saved the resulting server-icon.png file to my server.

So basically, if you've tried all of the normal things like making sure you restarted the Minecraft server, making sure your PNG image is a PNG and not a JPG, and making sure that your PNG is 64 pixels by 64 pixels, then try out using a different editor to make your server-icon.png or running it through one of the many online image optimizers like I did.

I'd expect that for most cases, the reason the server-icon.png file won't work is due to the whole Minecraft server icon system being picky about how the image is made and like I said, you can correct that through trial and error in doing the troubleshooting steps above.