When I started learning the ways taught by Neville Goddard and other authors one of the hangups I had was in feeling that I'm not deserving of the good things I wanted. Maybe some of you have felt this way. I was raised in the Catholic church and I understand that others raised similarly have the problem of not feeling worthy of God's gifts.

But what I've found is that not feeling deserving of the things that are asked for can throw a monkey wrench into any otherwise effective method of manifestation.

I mean, if you don't feel like you DESERVE what you're asking, you're not going to ever feel like you have it (a necessary part of Neville Goddard's method). How can you feel like you have something you don't deserve? I don't know about you, but I reject what I don't deserve. 

This undeserving feeling for me had affected my ability to have things, whether it was from manifesting inward or from the simple ways of having outward. For feeling like I was a good person, I was morally opposed to taking what is not mine, things I thought included money, good relationships, material goods... etc.

But it became pathological - that feeling of undeservingness, and it always stepped in when I was attempting to manifest. The feeling, the deeply ingrained principle of unworthiness, was more powerful to me and more primary than any method of manifestation. I was manifesting all right when I didn't think I deserved much, but I was limited to what my feeling of my level of worthiness would allow me to have.

So I came to the conclusion that the undeservingness was a serious obstacle. Nobody manifests more than they think they deserve on a deep level. That was the biggest problem for me, my powerful feeling of undeservingness, which regulated what I would even consider manifesting.

Reverend Ike was a teacher who learned from Neville Goddard. I recall one of his lectures where he said Neville Goddard's book Resurrection was his favorite book next to the Bible. 

Reverend Ike also had a heck of a way of getting esoteric ideas through to religious people. In the video on this page, Reverend Ike talks about the common religious hangup of feeling like one is undeserving. Reverend Ike says, "Anything that you can honestly think and feel that you deserve must come to you."

So think about what you honestly think and feel you deserve. That is the limit of what you will have. People regulate themselves and get just about what they think they deserve on a deep level. The feeling of deservingness is part of the moral compass we each have, and we limit what we take based on this. 

Watch the video on this page if you want a powerful message about feeling deserving of what you ask for. It could make a big difference in your succcess.