As someone who has resold items found at the Dollar Tree, this video caught my eye and I want to share it for you.

This man, Walter Blake Knoblock, does a cool video walkthrough of using Amazon FBA and a service called Payability along with cheap items from the Dollar Tree to make money.

The video focuses on buying the $1 books at the Dollar Tree for resale.

You can find books in perfect condition to sell at the Dollar Tree. Look for books without a "black dot" on the books, the video explains, because the black dot indicates that it's not actually a brand new book.

Profitbandit and the Amazon Seller app are two good apps that will allow you to find out if the books you find at the Dollar Tree are worth selling.

This video goes into great detail as to how it's all done. 

This sounds amazing. I've noticed that different Dollar Tree stores have different stock of books. Just imagine what kinds of books you can find at your local Dollar Tree store. How much could you make if you learn this method of selling $1 books for a greater price with Amazon FBA.