Okay, well this is kind of weird.

Do you remember Kevin Trudeau? He was that infomercial guy who went to jail for 10 years after being charged with criminal contempt and after having many other run ins with the law related to fraud and stuff. He sold the "Mega Memory" course. 

Well today I logged into YouTube just a minute ago and there was a video on my homepage about Kevin Trudeau titled, Kevin Trudeau - His Last Speech Before Going to Jail. That looked interesting, so I watched it, and right away he started talking about some drug company conspiracy where pharmaceutical companies would pay schools $500 for each kid that was put on Ritalin. 

Now I think the phamaceutical industry is shady, especially when psychometric drugs are concerned. Let's face it, thousands of kids are being put on drugs for presumed illnesses for which there is not a single confirmatory scientific medical test. It's very sketchy science. Trudeau says he exposed this fact (I think in his Mega Memory course).

Well he only talks about this conspiracy of the drug companies for less than a minute, but wouldn't that be interesting if people at schools were getting paid to put kids on Ritalin either directly or indirectly?

Well there's all kinds of Google search results for this interesting query, did drug companies pay schools to put kids on ritalin

Watch Kevin Trudeu's video below where he talks about the Ritalin conspiracy and more government conspiracies.