When your spouse learns that you want to file for divorce they may decide to make a false domestic violence claim. The spouse who makes a false domestic violence claim may make a false claim to gain leverage in a divorce. They may do it to harass you. Regardless of why a spouse would make such a claim, you need to be careful because a false domestic violence claim by a dishonest spouse may get you in legal trouble, or harm your chances of gaining a favorable custody decision in divorce. 

Unfortunately, our courts do not adhere to a high standard of evidence when dealing with domestic violence. There doesn't have to be any actual incidence of domestic violence for a court to issue an order of protection. 

Watch your sneaky spouse if you're interested in filing for divorce. Your spouse may try to frame you by making false claims that appear to be true but are not. 

It's unfortunate that our legal system makes it easy for courts to act on fraudulent claims, so you need to look out for yourself. Be careful.

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