Change is good. And my site was looking old.

I still use TYPO3, after all of these years. And I rebooted my site with the latest version of TYPO3 and the Introduction Package.

The Introduction Package is great. The package is a great starting point to launch a TYPO3 web site. I made a lot of modifications, and I still have some more to do.

I've tried to keep the amount of extensions I use to a minimum because they often cause upgrade incompatibilities. Many extensions can be replaced with Typoscript anyway, and Typoscript doesn't have the same depreciation problems as PHP extensions.

Fluidtemplating is something I've been hesitant to learn, but something that I'm getting a hang of. And I'm putting most of my customizations into a site package, which seems to be highly recommended by TYPO3 experts.

My old idea of using MySQL's fulltext search with TYPO3's indexed search extension to make a "related pages" widget has been discarded. I've since learned about the amazing TYPO3 Solr extension and I'm going to use Solr for related pages. The method I used with MySQL to get related pages results was hit or miss. When it was good, the relevance was good, but when it was bad, it was - bad..

With Solr though, TYPO3 integrates with it well, thanks to the solr extension for TYPO3. And the relevance is outstanding, thanks to the "more like this" (mlt) handler. I'm going to make my own related pages extension that uses mlt because I don't like the one that already exists.

That's all I've got to say right now about the state of this site. I've got to go. 

Edit: After I published this page, I looked at it on the front page. There I saw the bad match results that my "related pages" plugin produced. That first result doesn't belong with the others.