AirDroid is cool. I like it. My phone is plugged in because it needed charging and I'm sitting on the couch. I needed to get some photos from my phone to put them on my laptop.

I use AirDroid to copy my photos from my phone to my computer. It's so easy. 

With AirDroid installed on my phone, all I have to do is open up a browser from my computer and type in the address and like magic I get connected to my phone. Now I can copy my photos to my computer!

It's easy to copy the photos from my phone to my computer. I can select one and download it. Or I can select several photos, or a whole folder full of photos. If I select more than one photo, AirDroid will automatically download them in a zip file for me.

You can download your photos, videos, or any other files from your phone with AirDroid. I always have AirDroid on my phone.

It's free too. You can get it here.

Another feature that I use a lot is the ability to send texts from my computer. Instead of typing on a tiny phone screen keyboard, or using inaccurate voice transcription, I can just type text messages with my computer keyboard instead. It works great. You can also make phone calls from your computer through your phone using AirDroid, but I haven't tried that yet.

You can also use AirDroid to upload any file to your phone. You can use it to take phone screenshots, and even use the phone's camera with your computer.

If you need some way to connect your phone to your computer, I recommend AirDroid.