I don't know if religion (and mostly I'm talking about Christian religions) creates narcissists, or if narcissists are drawn to religion. Maybe neither are true. But I've learned that I'm not the only one who's thought there is some kind of connection between religion and narcissism.

Narcissism and Religion: A Perfect Match - "Religion can be appealing to a Narcissist for a number of reasons."

Does religion provide 'fuel' to narcissists? - "I think religion is pretty low hanging fruit when it comes to searching for a soap box or pedestal to stand on. Yes, a lot of people flock to religion and use it to their advantage. This is not limited to narcissists by any means, but I would suspect many narcissists claiming to be religious may at least have some of these ulterior motives as well, and may or may not be very aware and deliberate in these behaviors."

When a Narcissist “Gets Religion,” You Get Screwed! - "Exploitation of Holy Scripture is at its finest when you give a narcissist a Bible."

Religious fundamentalism as Narcissistic personality disorder - "Religious conservatism gives the narcissisticly disordered person a safe place to go where their pathological behavior appears normal and is, in fact, viewed positively. One could even argue that joining fundamentalist religious groups is a successful coping strategy for narcissistic people."