I decided to try out the frontend_editing extension for TYPO3. Maybe that would help create a better wrting workflow.

The extention can by installed by searching for frontend_editing from the extension manager. It is a stable, recently maintained extension.

After the extension is loaded, you just need to include the extension template in your site template, and then add the following line to the setup section of your typoscript template:

config.frontend_editing = 1

And then you have to go to your TYPO3 user settings and check the box that says "Enable frontend editing".

At this point when I visited the frontend of my website, I didn't see any evidence that frontend editing was active. The manual indicated that it was because I don't have css_styled_content used on my site. But a solution was given. All of the things you'd need to do to get the rest running on a site not using css_styled_content is listed here in the manual.