As I have once before, I have found myself wondering how to uninstall the Vmware Converter application on Linux. I don't know why, but for some reason I can't easily find any clear instructions on how to uninstall it from the VMWare web site.

Luckily, I left the terminal window open from when I installed VMWare Converter just a few minutes ago. And there, staring right at me was the instructions on how to remove VMware Converter.

All you do is the following:


All you do is run that script (with root privileges) and Vmware Converter will be automatically uninstalled.

I think it's probably a good program, but in my case, I wanted to convert a powered off Windows 7 installation on a different partition to a virtual machine. What I found was that Vmware converter doesn't work with powered off installations, nor does it work in converting Windows 7 installations. So it didn't work for me and that's why I wanted to uninstall it.

I still might try using Vmware converter to copy a debian install. Just for fun.