Blueprint CSS & TYPO3 with Templavoila

It looks like Blueprint CSS is a slightly different mentality than Yahoo Grids. But as flexible as Templavoila is, it shouldn't be difficult to set up some layouts and flexible content elements with Blueprint CSS.


Ok, I'm game. I just finished reading the Blueprint CSS Quick Start Tutorial and integrating the Blueprint CSS framework looks like it will be a cinch.

Initial Thoughts on Blueprint CSS

There's not much shown at the Blueprint CSS home page, but there's a great amount of documentation for starters at the Blueprint CSS Wiki.

I think the Blueprint CSS framework offers more flexiblility in layout and typography than Yahoo Grids.

Yahoo Grids basically allows page templates to be divided in denominations of 1/3 or 1/4 whereas the Blueprint CSS Grid system allows for more granular divisions.

Also, Yahoo provides some CSS for basic typography settings, but not too much beyond the basics.

Blueprint CSS, from what I've seen, offers more.

Is it time to switch from Yahoo Grids to Blueprint CSS?

I've been using Yahoo Grids for quite some time. It's worked out very well in putting layouts together really quick.

For TYPO3, I made a series of Templavoila templates built with the Yahoo Grids framework. I even made some flexible content elements based on Yahoo Grids so that I can easily insert nested grids in my pages.

But Yahoo Grids does have it's limitations. Don't get me wrong, It's a great system, works well in just about any browser you can throw at it, and it's free.

Lately though, I've been very interested in what is called the Blueprint CSS framework

The Blueprint CSS framework is flexible and powerful. But is it better than Yahoo Grids CSS? Will it integrate well into TYPO3 with Templavoila?