Instructions: Reduce the size of an AVI file and convert it to FLV

Start up Winff and you'll see a screen like this.


Yesterday, I had to upload    some videos of my kids to  photobucket so I could share them with my parents, but one of the videos was just too  darn big & photo bucketwouldn't let me upload it.

So I needed some kind of software program that  would let me reduce the  size of the large video so that photo bucket would let me upload it to my album.

Looking around, I didn't find  many programs that were free,  easy to use or that  weren't crippled or "lite"  versions of software. Then I came across Winff.

I like Winff because:

  1. It's free and GPL licensed.
  2. Runs on Windows and Linux
  3. Easy to use GUI.
  4. No malware, nagware, and not a crippled version that's distributed to get people to upgrade to a non-free "Pro" version.
  5. Although it has a simple interface, it has advanced options for power users.
  6. No registration required or other annoyances.

Resizing my video, a 600 megabyte, 5 minute long avi file, was easy to do with Winff because Winff is  an intuitively designed  program with a very simple interface.

How to Resize an AVI movie with WinFF

Here I'll Show you how I not only resized  my large AVI video file, but  also how I converted it to  flash (FLV) format  so that it's suitable for viewing on the  web.


Click the "Add" button.

Select the video  you want to resize and convert and then click "Open".

Choose the "Websites" preset from  the "Convert to..." dropdown list.

From the Device Preset dropdown,  select one of the available options depending on  your preference.

Now select the folder where  you want WinFF to save the video after it has been converted.

Last Step. Click on "Convert"

A black box will now appear as the processing of your video begins. Don't close this box.

Depending on the size  of your video & the  processing power of  your computer, resizing and converting the video could take a long time.
When the video is done being resized, you'll see a message that says "Press any key to continue..."

So.... go ahead and press any key. Your  AVI file is finished  being resized & converted  to the FLV format.

That's all

That's all there is to it. It may seem like  a lot of steps, but I  just broke it down here so that everyone can  understand the process   better.

WinFF is a great little  tool, & it can do much more than converting a single AVI movie into a much smaller FLV video file. WinFF can also batch process many video files at the same time and convert them to many different file formats.
And by the way, the 600 megabyte video file that I needed to resize was converted into a much smaller, much more easy to upload, 14 megabyte FLV video file, thanks to WinFF.