It was in December of last year that I first reviewed the RCA RP-5130 digital voice recorder. Now that I have had this recorder for almost a year. I feel that I can give a more experienced review.

I'm actually using it right now. You see, I use the voice dictation product called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. And when I write articles for this website, I first dictate them into my RCA RP-5130.What I like about this recorder is that it records in MP3 format. That way there's no file conversion necessary to get my voice files onto my computer quickly, and the sound quality is excellent. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has no trouble understanding my voice when it's recorded by this recorder.

This recorder is rugged, and now that I have experience with it. I would say that it is very easy to use. overall I would recommend this device as it is low cost, easy to use, has plenty of storage for files, and the voice quality is great for using it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.