A lot of people have been wondering how to read PDFs on the Kindle. It just makes sense that you should be able to read PDFs on the kindle, but on older models you can't. What you'll read about here are several ways to convert PDF files to a Kindle compatible format.

There's a few ways to convert PDF files so they can be read on the kindle. First, you can email a PDF file to your Kindle account email address. Theprocess is detailed here but it does cost a little bit of money to convert the files to a kindle friendly format.

Also mentioned at that site is a free software program that can convert PDF files to Kindle format. That software is called Mobipocket Creator and it's free. It can be downloaded from here.

Last, but not least, there's another simple & totally free software program that will let you easily convert PDF, Lit, and HTML files to the Kindle compatible .mobi file format. It's called the Auto Kindle eBook Converter.

So if you have an older Kindle that doesn't support PDFs, don't fret. You have several options to convert your PDFs to a format your Kindle can understand.