Amarok 2.2 codenamed "sunjammer" is released. This all new release comes with  a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Amarok 2.2, like they have quoted on their blog , is the next step towards the ultimate music player! Let's hope that they will stick on to their promises.

New and Refreshing!

  • Amarok 2.2 comes with an almost completely new look and feel.
  • Amarok 2.2 now has a new layout for the Browser Pane on the left and an easier navigation using "bread crumbs" on top.
  • The Playlist has seen a complete overhaul and comes with many new features, allowing you to sort and shuffle the content.
  • Do you have tracks with a lot of silence before a hidden song that you would like hear with a simple click? Bookmarks is their to help you out!
  • A new video applet finds contextual videos for the now playing artist.
  • Entire list of features here. Now lets do the installation of all new Amarok 2.2 in Ubuntu.

Add GPG Key First

  • Goto terminal and copy-paste the following.
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 0F7992B0
  •  Done.

Now Add the project-neon launchpad repo

  • Now Goto System > Administration > Software Sources and select Third-Party Software tab and click ADD. And Simply Copy-Paste the following Repo.
deb jaunty main 
deb-src jaunty main
  •  Done.

Now Install all new Amarok 2.2 in Ubuntu

  • Goto terminal and type the following to install amarok 2.2. 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install amarok-nightly
  •  Done! You have all new Amaok 2.2. Simply run amarok-nightly in terminal to start Amarok. OR goto Applications > Sound and Video > Amarok Nightly.

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