3 Wise Bible Sermons Writing Suggestions

Author: Max King

Dear Pastors, are you looking for a sermon inspiration? It can be quite a daunting task, even for seasoned pastors. Where do you start? What is the message going to be? Are you using any Bible verses for your sermon? How are you going to make it a practical sermon? Are you confident enough? You see, the power of the Bible is that there can be a number of interpretations. So, if you need help in preparing the sermon, let me give you 3 pointers that can get you started in preparing a wisdom-filled Bible Sermon.

Writing Bible Sermons

Focus on your message - At the top of the list of things to do is to make sure that you have a passage of scripture that you want to preach off of. This will help you to be more focused in your preparations. For instance, if you're preaching on "Prophet Samuel", it's pretty strange if you prepare the sermon by looking at the "Parables of the Lost Sheep". Having specific bible verse or chapter in mind can help your preparation of the sermon much easier as you have a laser-targeted topic to write about.

Start with a story - If possible, start your sermon with a story, preferably a personal one. Try to make it a humorous one if you can. The reason it is easier to deliver your message after a good story. If you jump right into the theological debate, you have a high chance of losing some of your congregation. Stories will add a human factor to any sermon and you should try to add stories too.

Make it short - Finally, you want to keep your sermon brief. Veteran preachers always say, if you can't get your point across in under 10 minutes, then it wasn't worth getting across in the first place. To make your sermons short and sweet, a good way is to try have your sermons in bullet points. Try to keep them to 3 or 4 points in total. Spend about 5 minutes for each points and if you have 4 bullet forms, you would see that you have prepared a twenty minutes sermon.

In conclusion, all preachers are adviced to look at the Lord as the provider of wisdom. Pray before staring a sermon preparation will be a good idea and I believe that any preachers can write an inspired message.

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Using Sermon Outlines - Is It Cheating?

Author: Terry Edwards

Some ministers and pastors are able to sit down and write out a full sermon with little or no help at all. Every once in a while we all get that spark that just sets the words free and before we know it, we have created a sermon for our congregation that feels inspired full of passion. But some weeks the words do not flow so neatly or quickly. It is during these weeks that using sermon outlines can be a good idea.

What are sermon outlines?

Sermon outlines are much like any other outline that helps a person put his or her thoughts down on paper. The outline gives the sermon writer a road map to follow as he or she works to get her thoughts out on paper and ready for the congregation come the end of the week.

Be careful that you do not confuse an outline with a divine Mad Lib! An outline for a sermon is not a "plug and play" application that creates ready made speeches. It merely gives you the guidance you need to find the right passages and verses to share and asks you questions that will help you fill in the exposition between them.

Is it cheating to use a sermon outline?

Absolutely not! At some point every person uses an outline for something...a basic recipe for dinner, a set of directions to help build a house, a plot outline for a novel to sketch out the major turning points of a story, etc. None of these are considered cheating are they?

A sermon outline is a tool that religious leaders can utilize to help them figure out what they think and feel about the topic they have chosen for a weekly sermon. Finding the right words to illustrate your thoughts and inspire others is difficult, and this can help make that process feel easier.

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How to Write a Winning First Church Sermon

Author: Barry.Hockers

Delivering a church sermon for the first time? Read this.

This article will help you deliver a winning first church sermon. It is imperative that your sermon is well thought of. If you notice ministers and preachers delivering their sermons smoothly, it's because they've put much thought on the subject and they've planned and organized their sermons very well. This article will tackle several things that you need to consider before delivering your first sermon.  

Setting some goals is very important in every aspect in our lives. In delivering sermons your first goal would be for the congregation to love your sermon. It is important that you'll catch the interest of the congregation and they would feel the sermon through your words. Don't bore the congregation and make them realize that they're in the church because they just have to. Make your sermon worth listening to by infusing personal anecdotes related to the sermon.

Next is preparation. It is always best to be prepared because nobody wants to be caught off-guard. It is important that you plot your points before you go up to the pulpit. It is embarrassing and time consuming if you just go around the bush without really stressing your point. Have some focus and focus on sermon of the passage that you want to convey.

Lastly, don't stress yourself too much by doing things that may strain your voice. The least that you want to worry is delivering your well-thought speech in a hoarse voice, right? So give your mouth and voice a rest before the sermon. Don't forget to bring in water to keep your mouth from getting dry and do vocal exercises to loosen up your voice before you start speaking.

Delivering a sermon seems easy but being the one to do it could mean otherwise. A winning sermon delivery requires a lot of work - like planning the specific bible verse to lecture off of, the points that you will consider, as well as a well-thought of personal anecdote to capture the interest of the congregation. But if you follow the tips I've given above, you're on your way to delivering a winning sermon.

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