There might come a time when you'd want to use external blogging tools to post to your Wordpress blog. Some software that comes to mind are Scribefire or gnome-blog. Anyhow, you have to enable this in Wordpress first before you use any external blogging tools.

To enable external blogging tools in Wordpress, first log in as the admin user. then navigate to the 'Settings' page, and then to the 'Writing' page.

You could also get to this page by typing the following address into your browser while logged in:

On the 'Writing' page, you'll see a section with the heading that says 'Remote Publishing'.

Underneath where it says 'Remote Publishing', you'll need to check one of the boxes for enabling either the 'Atom Publishing Protocol' or 'XML-RPC'.

After you've selected your choice, then click the button that says 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.

You should now be able to set up your external blogging software with your username and password.

The address you use to connect to your blog should depend on whether you selected 'Atom Publishing Protocol' or 'XML-RPC' as your external blogging method.

If you're using the 'Atom Publishing' method, direct your external blogging tool to the following url:

And if you're using the 'XML-RPC' publishing method, then set up your blogging client to use the following url: