Facebook is a social online community that links everyone to...everyone. Do you think that everyone use it for fun or do you think some guys and girls use it as a networking tool to sell stuff? The obvious reason would be both.

But the big question is...how to make money with Facebook, how much, and how quickly. There are literally thousands of ways of how to make money with Facebook. Some businesses have their own product lines and they simply utilize Facebook to expose these products to their friends and their friends. Some guys use Facebook to market other people's products. The latter is the way that most individuals do it, from home earning six figure plus incomes, in a period of months.

It can be difficult to think of ways on how to make money with Facebook. Luckily some companies provide you with specific products and websites to market. They also provide training and support on how to use Facebook to market your websites.

These guys provide all the tools that you will need to make money on the internet using various channels. Channels include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Ping.fm, Blogs, Forums, Google AdWords and Yahoo to name a few. In short, this system provides you with the products, the websites where the products will be on sale, the marketing methods. All you have to do is to do the online marketing (using their step by step training) to drive traffic to your pre-build websites. Complete turn key solution or as they call it "Business in a Box".

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