So your pet has fleas, and you are worrying about having to spend tons of money on pet flea control products for flea removal. There are alternatives to the ready to use, convenient but expensive pet flea treatments commercially available in the market. Vinegar which is made of natural ingredients could turn out to be more effective than your usual chemical based flea remedies. The key reason being that these parasites hate the sour piercing stench of vinegar and its ingredients have proven to effectively get rid of them.

You can use it as shampoo for your pet. Instead of buying bottles of flea shampoos, it is more economical to make your own with vinegar and other ingredients. All you need is half cup vinegar, half cup dawn dish washing soap and fill the he tub up with warm water. The fleas will fall off into the water upon bathing. To totally ensure that the parasites do not stick to your pet, comb thoroughly after dipping it into diluted vinegar.

Mix water with vinegar, about one third cup into two pints of water and transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Dispense by spraying on couch covers, bedding, drapery etc. But ensure that you do not over do the proportion of vinegar to water else your bedding and draperies disintegrate even before your flea removal plan sees results. For carpets, leave a bowl of vinegar in the middle of it overnight and you will be pleasantly surprised to find the parasites dead in the morning. And should you have very thick carpets, sprinkle salts over them, let set over night before taking action to clean the carpet. Remember to use a vacuum cleaner to clear all the carcasses too.

There are a lot more home remedies if you only care to look around, like cedar chips, lavender essential oils or even your very basic salt, all can double up as flea extermination purposes. Check with your vet specialist if you are in doubt and most would suggest natural home remedies in tandem with chemical based pet flea medicine for fast action. It is your prerogative whether use either or both for pet flea control, bearing in mind the long term costs associated with your choice.

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