I'm new to Google App Engine, and I'm currently looking for a new CMS to mess around with. I like the idea of a CMS or blog application that could run on Google App Engine, but I wasn't having much luck in finding one.

Most of the available CMS applications that run on Google App Engine were either kind of buggy, or they didn't look like finished products. Many of the App Engine capable CMS'es didn't look like they had much developer support, not having been updated for a while.

But this Vosao CMS that I'd like to introduce is a CMS written in Java that was built to run on App Engine. I don't know jack squat about Java, but the Vosao CMS web site has really detailed instructions on how to install Vosao CMS.

I was interested in finding something in python, but Java's ok. It's all going to run in the cloud, and for my use, I'm not going to be hacking away at it.

So, tonight, maybe after dinner I'll install Vosao CMS on my App Engine account. I think it really looks like a CMS that's on it's way to becoming quite impressive.