I love Evernote. I don't even love it. It's essential to me. I use it everyday for many kinds of notes including my grocery shopping list, to notes that include passwords for web sites. I keep a lot of important stuff on Evernote. 

I'm not a paid user of Evernote and I know that sometimes online services can have problems that produce problems for their users. Sometimes online services cancel people's accounts for reasons their users don't understand.

I don't anticipate Evernote cancelling my account, or that they'll go under any time soon. They're probably a strong company. 

But, since I keep so much stuff stored on Evernote, important stuff, I want to make sure I have my data stored someplace else just in case something happens to my Evernote access. 

I quick Google search produced some possibilities. Though the search was about backing up Evernote to Dropbox, there were many other suggestions and possibilities on how to keep access to Evernote notes in case a problem occurs.

I'll probably go for the option of backing up Evernote to Dropbox, but then I'll also sync my Dropbox account to my laptop and my phone. Keeping data stored in multiple places, especially places that you control, is important.