Autoblogs are blogs that pull data from different sources automatically, and they publish this data as a blog.

An example of this would be a blog that uses a cron job to automatically fetch RSS feeds from other blogs, and then publish the individual blog posts from those feeds as blog posts on the autoblog.

I've been interested in doing some autoblogging for a while now. I understand there are some people who make decent money from doing this approach. They put advertisements on these blogs and let the blogs run themselves.

Autoblogging is most commonly done with Wordpress (I think). I have one Wordpress autoblog and it runs without any problems unattended using a plugin designed for autoblogging. I even forgot the name of the plugin that I use because I so rarely log in to that Wordpress autoblog and I haven't had to mess with the plug in.

The problem with Wordpress for autoblogging is that, for me, it's not a system that I'm familiar with. I am much more well versed when it comes to modifying TYPO3. I'm talking about templating and modifying TYPO3's front end display of content. I'm so much more better at doing stuff like that with TYPO3 than with Wordpress.

But the problem with TYPO3 as an autoblogging platform for me is that lack of suitable plugins for autoblogging. There are some RSS import extensions for TYPO3 but I've never seen any that are as full featured or easy to use as the ones available for Wordpress.

Wordpress has many available free and commercial autoblogging plugins.

TYPO3 has few available RSS import plugins.

The TYPO3 extensions I've used to attempt autoblogging in the past always had some quirks and problems with parsing data from some feeds. I'd hardly say there exists a reliable RSS import extension for TYPO3 that works in most cases. 

So in consideration that I'm good at using TYPO3 for templating and display of content, but that I prefer to use Wordpress for fetching RSS feeds that I want to use for autoblogging or auto-publishing purposes, I'm going to set up a Wordpress site with my favorite autoblogging plugin (I forgot the name of it), and then feed all of my RSS feeds to a private Wordpress installation. Then I'll use TYPO3 with the amt_feed_importer extension, to fetch the RSS feed from my private Wordpress install.

In other words, I don't see TYPO3 as being a great tool for fetching feeds from a variety of sources (maybe 100s of sources), so I'll have Wordpress do that. And then once I have Wordpress aggregate all of the feeds I want on a private server, then I'll use TYPO3 and the amt_feed_importer extension to pull everything from the Wordpress feed aggregator into my TYPO3 site and use the power of fluid and typoscript to create a better front end presentation of the aggregated feeds on a TYPO3 site.

And that's how I'm going to create some great auto blogs with TYPO3 (and Wordpress!)