There are special kinds of vacuum cleaners known as animal vacuum cleaners. Animal vacuum cleaners are special types of vacuum cleaners that are equipped to handle vacuuming in homes where pets live.

Take for example the dyson dc14 animal vacuum cleaner. Several differences exist between this animal vacuum cleaner and most regular vacuum cleaners.

First of all, It's specially made to prevent clogging; strong suction is maintained even though animal hair may be present.

It has a motorized brush bar to extract pet hair from carpets.

Dyson, a manufacturer of animal vacuum cleaners, says the following about their animal vacuum cleaners:

Dyson Animal vacuums remove cat, dog and other pet hair from your home using centrifugal forces 150,00 times gravity. With no loss of suction. Dyson vacuums for pet owners | (accessed March 23, 2010).

You may already know about how difficult it is to remove animal hair with a regular vacuum cleaner. Animal vacuum cleaners can clean up pet hair where regular vacuum cleaners leave off.

Some models of animal vacuum cleaners to keep in mind are the

  • Dyson dc14
  • Dyson dc25
  • Dyson dc17

As far as I can tell, Dyson is the only brand that sells a vacuum cleaner that's specifically a animal vacuum cleaner.