Yesterday I found myself needing a light Linux distro to run in Virtualbox on my older tablet PC and I remembered Crunchbang.

Crunching installed as a Virtualbox guest without any problems. And after installing the kernel headers, I was able to easily get the Virtualbox guest additions installed.

I like the clean look of Openbox running on top of the Debian based Crunchbang distribution.

With Crunchbang Linux, I like how Openbox is completely configured. Notice that Conky is automatically set up. And the default web browser is Chromium.

Unlike many other small Linux distros, I like how Crunchbang isn't stripped down. It's a real Linux distro that you can use the Synaptic package manager to install pretty much anything that will run on Debian Linux.

I have a feeling that Crunchbang is going to get a lot of use as a guest operating system on my laptop. It has all of the features you'd need for doing work or just for web surfing.