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I was logged in to my Mom's computer with TeamViewer to help her with some problems she had on her laptop. 

When I was done fixing her problem, I noticed something fishy in the taskbar next to the clock. It was a phone number, probably for one of those phony Microsoft tech support scams.

The text in the taskbar simply read, "Tech 1-888-548-4691".

A quick google search resulted in a discussion where some others have found this number. It appears to be one of those phony companies that tries to make people believe that they're Microsoft and that they offer official Microsoft tech support. Nasty people. 

My first step was to right click on it and remove it from the taskbar from where I could uncheck it from the "Toolbars" menu.

But then I wondered if there was anything else I needed to do, like to to the Add & Remove programs section of the Control Panel. There might be something that will just add it to the task bar again, so I looked for a program that might be doing that.

I didn't find anything. So I'll check up on my Mom's computer in a little bit and see if the tech support number is on the taskbar again.