Review of - Free Flash Website


Today I signed up for a free flash website from and I was disappointed. What follows is my review of the service.

Since Writing this review, I've learned that Wix offers an HTML web site builder. You can read about it in my more recent Wix HTML5 website builder review.

About ten minutes ago, I signed up for a free website from I hated it.

I see much mention of Wix so my curiosity got the better of me and I signed up using their really quick and simple signup form.

About as long as it took me to sign up for Wix was about as long as I had any interest in it.

The fruit of my efforts using Wix can be found on my short Wix Review page.

Wix is basically a free service that allows you to easily make flash websites using their WYSIWYG Flash website building tool. I didn't like the tool because it was created in Flash, it was wonky, slow, and almost made my aging laptop overheat.

And despite any redeeming features of the Wix service, the bad part is - it can only be used to create Flash web sites. Despite the fact that Google and other search engines can index Flash, I still don't believe that a Flash web site is going to be as good for SEO purposes as a plain HTML website.

But who uses Wix? I'm of the understanding that Wix is for people who have graduated from using MySpace as their web site building platform of choice. And maybe it's for people that missed out on the boom of crappy website building that took place in the 1990's (think Geocities). 

Anyhow, if you're looking for a serious service to build your web site, I wouldn't consider Wix. Do consider Wix if you want a slow loading web site with lots of twirling blinking Flash effects. Maybe some dancing unicorns. 


Webmastering Computers & Technology is an excellent web site that's powered by TYPO3 and other great open source software. is also a fat free alternative to ice cream.