Natural ways to get rid of white flies


White flies can be a pest in the garden and around the home. When getting rid of them, the safety of plants and humans should be considered. If you're looking for ways to get rid of white flies naturally, then read on.

White Flies. Nobody likes these pests. On our plants, on our food.

You like many people, may be looking for a way to get rid of white flies naturally.

Relax, there are lots of suggestions.

It has been suggested that soap kills white flies. As for this being a natural way to get rid of white flies, well that depends on what your definition of "natural" is.

Getting rid of white flies is easy. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent in one gallon of water and spray it on any infected area. Use a hose sprayer, a garden sprayer, or even one of those hand held spray bottles. Apply it 2-3 times a week for a couple of weeks and your white fly problems will be gone. Soap kills white flies and it won't hurt your plants or the soil or your fruits and vegetables. Spray it on shrubs, fruit trees, house plants, and garbage cans. I can't believe after using all those poisonous pesticides that plain old soap was the best and only thing that has ever worked for me. This stuff also works great on fruit flies and is just the thing to put on orchards. Its sort of fitting that soap kills white flies considering where they land sometimes.  How To Get Rid Of White Flies. (accessed May 13, 2010).

Adam Bjerk of suggests a variety of methods to get rid of white flies.

He lists ladybugs, a small hand held vacuum cleaner, Safer Brand’s Insect Killing Soap, and sticky traps as just a few ways to combat an infestation of white flies.

Also mentioned by Mr. Bjerk is that some types of plants can be useful in naturally repelling white flies.

Companion plants like nasturtiums and both French and Mexican marigolds can help you get rid of whiteflies. The whitefly and its ilk cannot tolerate the smell of these flowers. After some research, I have become enamored with nasturtiums (tropaeolum), as they come in several varieties, are easy to grow, support blindingly bright blooms, attract armies of beneficial insects, and even if you have the yellowing, wilted-thumb-of-plant-death, they will grow. The entire plant – even the flowers – is edible and delicious. They produce seeds (also edible), so you’ll never have to make another purchase. Truly, these flowers will beautify your landscape and repel whiteflies.  How to Get Rid of Whiteflies. (accessed May 13, 2010).

The plant idea sounds appealing as it repels the white flies and keeps them away from a garden from the start.

White flies like the color yellow! I didn't know this, but one source says that White flies are attracted to the color yellow.

Whiteflies are known to be attracted to the color yellow. If you take some yellow strips of paper and apply an adhesive to it, you can position these around your garden or on the tops of your plants containers as makeshift "whitefly traps". If these strips and just a few encarsia formosa are added at the beginning of your garden whitefly and a few other types of insercts will always be kept in constant check. Good luck with your whitefly problems and happy gardening!   How to get rid of white fly infestation. (accessed May 13, 2010).

It would make sense to devise some kind of white fly trap and color it yellow to attract the white flies to the trap.

So there you have it, more than a few ways that might help you get rid of white flies in the garden. There's surprisingly a lot of natural ways to do it. And natural ways to do things, are often better than non-natural ways. Anyway, it seems like these white flies can be controlled with one or a combination of natural methods.

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