How to Turn Your Facebook Profile Photo Into a Cartoon

By: Jeffrey Knapp


If you are a member of one or all of the major social media communities such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter than I'm sure you have come across those cool looking profile pictures that look like a cartoon and wondered..."how did they do that?" Well, today is your lucky day because I am going to show you how EASY and fun it is to take your favorite profile photos...and cartoonize them!

One of the best sites I have found for cartoonizing your photos is found at befunky. This site is easy to use, just pick and choose your look with one of all it's FREE. So let me walk you through the process of turning your profile photo into a cartoon.

Step #1: Go to befunky and click "Get Started Now!"

Step #2: Select an application and get started. I recommend you start with "Cartoonizer" first...don't worry, once you are in the program you will be able to see how your profile photo looks in each application.

Step #3: Browse files in your computer and select which photo you would like to turn into a cartoon.

Step #4: Edit your image as you please or choose to leave your image as it is and click OK.

Step #5: Your photo is now a cartoon!

Once you have made it this far you can play with your image within the befunky dashboard to find the look that you like.

Once you have research all of the different options within befunky and found the cartoon that you like the best you can upload, share, or save the image to your computer and put it to use right away as your new profile picture...yes, it's really that easy, Enjoy!

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