How to Lighten Dark Skin

By: Neil Roth


Are you looking tips for lightening dark skin naturally? I will give you tons of information about such natural ingredients.

How to Lighten Dark Skin - Four Tips Guaranteed to Give You a Lighter and Brighter Skin Tone

Have you ever wanted to lighten your skin tone? I have many friends with a dark complexion. And I have seen them spending a fortune on cosmetic products that promise to lighten dark skin. But any successful procedure to lighten your complexion will depend on your perseverance. There is no magic solution or product that is going to give you a whiter complexion overnight. You must have some basic understanding about what determines the color of your skin.

What Are Factors Responsible For Dark Skin Tone?

The most common factor that decides your skin tone is the melanin in your skin cells. People of certain ethnic race have higher level of melanin production and hence a darker skin. Their problem becomes aggravated when they have become exposed to the sun for a prolonged period. This causes further tanning. Certain skin conditions like melasma and age spots cause skin pigmentation and darkening. This situation is also gets further aggravated when skin is exposed to the sun. So regular use of a good quality sunscreen lotion with skin whitening ingredients helps a lot.

Can Skin Tone Be Changed?

Now we come to the million dollar question. How do you change skin tone to get a fairer, lighter and brighter skin? There are many cosmetics, pills and injection that contain one miracle ingredient known as "Glutathione". It can also be taken intravenously as drip for immediate result. Usual Vitamin C is combined with Glutathione to get the required level of result. This procedure takes care of skin darkening for any reason. The result is a brighter and rejuvenated skin.

What Are The Different Products To Lighten Dark Skin Tone?

As I have told you Glutathione comes as pills, injections and iv drips to whiten the skin. There are many cosmetic products that contain Glutathione as well some natural plant extract for lightening the skin. These products need prolonged and consistent use to get the desired result. Along with topical or external application of such skin whitening products, regular exfoliation also helps to lighten dark skin.

Natural Tips To Lighten Dark Skin

But if you are like me, then you must be looking for natural herbs and ingredients for your beauty regimen. But is it possible. The answer is YES. In many Asian counties there are many people who are genetically dark. And in their endeavor to lighten dark skin they have been successfully using natural ingredients to lighten their skin.


  1. Use a sunscreen lotion whenever you need to go out during the day. Use the lotion half an hour before you go out.
  2. Wipe your face with cotton ball dipped in cold milk several times a day.
  3. Use the great natural skin whitener like lemon juice.Add a few drops of honey.Leave it on your face for 10 minutes and splash cold water to clean up.
  4. Use almond oil at night to your exposed body part.


Theses are some simple home remedies to get a lighter skin tone. But if you have a tan due to sun exposure you can apply orange juice, tomato pulp, grated cucumber or grated potato juice to remove tan. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin healthy and supple and adds brightness. You can take vitamin E and vitamin C as both of these help in generating healthy skin cell which is very essential for a whiter skin. Alternatively you can eat foods rich in those two vitamins to provide the body with natural source of vitamin E and C.

In fact there are tons of vegetables, fruits, herbs and natural plant extract that can radically and effectively give you a fair skin in the privacy of your own home. Surprised? Just check out this Natural Skin Lightening tips and you will always thank me for publishing this article. Come on. Get moving. Your radiant face is only a few seconds and a few clicks away. is an excellent web site that's powered by TYPO3 and other great open source software. is also a fat free alternative to ice cream.