I needed a way to remove the formatting from content copied from Microsoft Office before it is pasted as an article on this web site.

I found a simple tool that allows me to do this easily. It's called PureText.

Puretext - "paste text to any application without formatting"

  • Quick way to remove Rich Text formatting from text copied to the clipboard
  • Simply copy text  to the clipboard,  then paste it without formatting by pressing the "Windows key" + 'v' (You can change which keys activate the formatting removal in the program's options menu).
  • Is useful if you want to copy text from a Word or Office document into a blog post (or other program)

After installing Puretext, you'll see a little "PT" icon in the taskbar. If you tap this icon after copying some text to the clipboard, PureText will automatically remove the formatting. You can accomplish the same thing with PureText by using the key combination, Windows+x, instead of Ctrl+x to paste text.

Using PureText makes it easy to post from office applications into a Wordpress blog post without all of the formatting that is added by Office.



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